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Vintage Restored Lamp by Rusty Remakes

Vintage Restored Lamp by Rusty Remakes


The words Machine Age and Steampunk comes to mind. A bit creepy, yet very handy as this peculiar looking lamp bends in all kind of directions, thanks to three joints.

Made from a french vintage A.E Cremer tripod used to steer shadows and reflections during photograpgy, combined with a base part from some kind of instrument, probably.”

Name: Alien Hand
Body: A.E Cremer Tripod/Photo Stand + Unknown Base Part
Socket: 2 Brass Sockets (Vintage)
Light Bulb: 2 Edison Style E27, 40 Watt/240 Volt
Light Switch: Plastic Black (New)
Cable: Black Twisted Textile (New)
Plug: Grounded 240V
Height/Width/Weight: 25 cm/20 cm/0,3 kg

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