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The Stone Age by Jinsik Kim

The Stone Age by Jinsik Kim


The Stone Age is first personal project of JinSik Kim after graduating ECAL. This project “the Stone Age” is started from curiosity about essence of materials and relationship between the materials and shapes I realized. I want to formulate new language of using a stone as a designer, which people used from a long time ago. This design is produced on the minimal touching like simplicity. A sculptor cut big stone into 5 pieces with four cuttings and then he grinds outside of the stone to a geometrical shape delicately. You do not need any jointer to make a pencil case with the Stone Age because it has proper weight. You also play with it to make a great mood with the stone pattern like a mural. It can be functional accessories on a desk which grow older with your time. Please enjoy essence of a stone!

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