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Handmade Ceramic Carafes by Kaufmann Mercantile

Handmade Ceramic Carafes by Kaufmann Mercantile


The set is made of French porcelain, a deceptively precious, somewhat delicate-looking material that's actually much more durable than glass. The porcelain starts as a dry powder that's mixed with pigment, then poured into a mould, trimmed, and fired twice for hardness. The exterior is left with a rough, matte finish that has a nice texture and grip when you hold it, and the inside has a clear glaze with a glossy finish, for whatever you decide to pour in.

About 5 people in a tiny, 12 person studio near the Sydney Harbour in Australia are responsible for carrying out the different steps of creating each piece that will become a mainstay on your table. The jug is often used as a pitcher for milk or cream in coffee or tea service, and the carafes for water, juice, or wine at a dinner party table. But either can be used for just about anything.

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