Colorful Wooden Clutch - one of a kind

Colorful Wooden Clutch - one of a kind


This beautiful WOOD CLUTCH with a wooden frame is part of a new Abstract collection.
This wood clutch is a one of a kind collection, I was inspired of course by Jackson Pollock, you can see that right away.
This stunning WOOD CLUTCH is made out of raw canvas with splashes of bright fabric colors.
It is perfect for the summer time and I personally think it's a timeless design, so bright and colorful and it makes me happy:)
This collection came about after a friend asked me to renovate his arm chair,
He told me to be artistic and to use vivid colors

-The colors I used for this wood clutch are beautiful Red, Green & Yellow
- It is a large wood clutch, can carry quite a lot ( wallet, keys, phone, glasses, and even my nexus 7 fits in)

Width : 25
Height: 22 Cm
Has a blue Italian fabric lining
Wood frame with gold plated metal corners.
Very strong closer - 2 sets of magnets
Each clutch is wrapped with a non woven fabric bag

Each clutch is one of a kind - what makes it super unique.

* Being Unique Every day is my motto *
* I will do everything in my power to make you happy*
* I'm working hard on creating new and special items that will stand out and be unique*

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