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Cargito Air Charging iPad Case by This Is Ground

Cargito Air Charging iPad Case by This Is Ground


The Cargito Air Charging iPad Case is designed to fit the iPad Air or previous gen. iPad with or without the Apple Smart Case. Included is a battery pack and Made For Apple Lightning cable that will charge an iPad tablet, iPhone or iPod. The case is lined with leather and includes two snaps that are enclosed within the lining so the metal doesn’t touch the devices. The reverse side of the case has a strap that serves as a way to carry the case safely.

Comes with a matching Zipanada to store cables.

Fits with or without Apple Smart Case and other minimal cases
Lined with leather
Fits Pencil by FiftyThree or any other pen or cord
iPad Air battery
100% leather
Cables are MFI certified for Apple devices
Carry strap to keep device close in hand
Wallet holds cards, cash, etc.


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